Sheldon Manufacturing's Competitive Advantage


Our Quality Policy

Sheldon Manufacturing Inc. is committed to providing quality products and service, shipped on time that meets or exceed our customer's expectations. We will accomplish this end through our commitment to continually improve our quality management system, service, and processes. 

Cost Effective OEM Manufacturing

Our reputation has been built on innovation, high quality, and long-term partnering. Sheldon Manufacturing is focused on providing low-cost components and equipment to manufacturers in industries such as life science, pharmaceutical, biomedical, environmental, industrial, aerospace, and more.

Flexible Systems

Our sophisticated and flexible manufacturing facility provides customers the ability to quickly respond to market conditions while maintaining competitive minimum quantities and product costs.

Large Scale Capabilities

Our 1997 expansion nearly doubled our manufacturing capacity. We have the ability to operate 24 hours per day with a staff of highly skilled and experienced manufacturing personnel.

Designed from Experienced

Sheldon Manufacturing’s design team is led by industry veterans able to capitalize on decades of knowledge in the field. The breadth and depth of product configurations available in our current portfolio serves as a benchmark for Sheldon Manufacturing’s accomplishments and creativity.

Specialized Automated Metal Fabrication Manufacturing

The foundation of every reliable and durable product produced by Sheldon Manufacturing begins with our specialized metal manufacturing facility. The FMC (Flexible Manufacturing Cell) and Combination Laser–Punch utilize state of the art automation to convert raw materials into component parts around the clock. These contemporary machines produce near perfect parts, increasing efficiencies and decreasing costs by virtually eliminating the need for secondary operations.

Skilled Labor

Our highly skilled workforce, many of whom are second and third generation associates, take over where the automated machines leave off. Our total quality program was designed to reward efficiency, so our experts consistently and rigorously test their work to achieve the best possible results. They are committed to delivering the highest quality products and service possible. The people of Sheldon Manufacturing understand the demanding environment our products face. Every product undergoes a final multistep quality inspection before shipment. Records are kept on every serial number for easy documentation that is tied back to each associate.

Quality Assurance Program

Quality is built into every Sheldon Manufacturing product. Our extensive quality assurance program involves all employees and every phase of manufacturing. To ensure that quality is never compromised, Sheldon Manufacturing’s Quality Assurance Department operates with total autonomy. Continuous process improvement is encouraged and nurtured through our quality principles. By cooperating, observing deadlines, and being clear in our objectives we constantly benefit from the improvement process. Our products are also independently tested by outside compliance laboratories to ensure we meet American, Canadian, and European safety standards.

Responding to Customer Needs

If there is a single factor that defines Sheldon Manufacturing’s competitive edge, it is our willingness and ability to respond to customer specific needs. Our unique manufacturing capabilities allow us to address a broad range of product objectives: designing entire product lines, introducing new products and technologies, and enhancing existing products. All aspects of product design and production are performed in-house, under rigid quality assurance standards. Our experienced personnel and sophisticated metal fabrication equipment enable us to respond quickly and reliably to the equipment needs of the market. Contact us to discuss your project today.

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