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Our BACTRON SERIES of Anaerobic Chambers are atmosphere control units designed to be used when working with oxygen-sensitive materials, product containment needs, and/or specimen isolation control. Our units allow researchers and scientists to process, culture, and examine samples without exposure to atmospheric oxygen. Our Chambers can be used in most sizeable clinical and/or research applications such as cell culture applications requiring the ability to accurately control oxygen, temperature, and humidity. The end-user has a choice of selecting from our product line options that may be dependent on their research application-specific requirements. Options and features include separate incubators, in-chamber incubators, oxygen monitors, real-time feedback system monitors, touchscreen interfaces, and sample transfer airlocks. All our BACTRON Anaerobic Chambers are equipped with patented sleeves airlock systems to simplify handling samples without interrupting anaerobic conditions for your oxygen-sensitive dependent trials.

In the profession/occupation of microbiology, our BACTRON Anaerobic Chambers series are widely known to provide an oxygen-free atmosphere when working with oxygen-sensitive specimens and organisms that grow in the absence of oxygen. Sheldon Manufacturing Inc. is committed to providing an oxygen-free product that is a necessity during research on anaerobic bacteria and bodies because to cultivate these microorganisms, an oxygen-free standard is essentially a requirement of measurable results. Ensure that our end-users when using our units of BACTRON Anaerobic Chamber will isolate and protect their research samples throughout many research application procedures; We warrant that our BACTRON SERIES of Anaerobic Chambers significantly progresses the culturing and identification of anaerobic organisms from the start to result of most applications. They also reduce research lab consumable costs typically felt with other brands of anaerobic workstations/chambers in the Life Science market. 

Yes, our BACTRON SERIES of Anaerobic Chambers manufactured by Sheldon Manufacturing Inc. are constructed of heavy-duty stainless-steel components to ensure chamber integrity and durability. Plus, the brand offers a variety of models to meet the space demands of your lab requirement spaces, numerous applications, and specific purpose workflows. Finally, our units deliver an ample workspace within the BACTRON anaerobic chamber, which facilitates the accomplishment of procedures not limited to inoculation, incubation, inspection, and recovery - all without exposure to any oxygen-rich environment. 


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BACTRON Anaerobic Chambers

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